The RL22

We currently manufacture five types of Ferris Wheels:

RL22 RL33 RL43 RL46 and the Spokeless Wheel.

The RL22 has a height of 22 meters.
With a height of 22, 33, 38 or 46 meters, our different Ferris wheels offer visitors a spectacular view of the surroundings.
Our Ferris Wheels can be supplied both as transportable and park models.

The drive of the RL22 is fully electric.

The RL22 will be mounted on one semi-trailer, holds 16 gondolas and has a hydraulic set up system.

Specific wishes
Do you have specific requirements or are you interested in larger models of the Ferris wheel? Please contact us to discuss the options.

Technical Specifications:
Construction:Transportabele model / Park model
Height:22 meters
Diameter:20 meters
Footprint:17 x 11 meter
Capacity:64 people per cycle
Current:3 x 63 Amps
Transport:1 trailer