The RL33 with open or closed gondolas

We currently manufacture five types of Ferris wheels:

the RL22 RL33RL43RL46 and the Spokeless Wheel.

The Ferris wheels have heights of 22, 33, 43, 38 or 46 meters, and provide visitors with spectacular views of the surroundings.
The Ferris wheels can be delivered as transportable models or for permanent installation. The drive mechanism is fully electric.

Unique Design

RL33 Ferris wheels have a unique design. The Ferris wheel is very versatile and fully adjustable to your wishes because of the options available. An added advantage of the unique design is that the Ferris wheel can be assembled in a very short time.

Specific Wishes

Do you have specific wishes, or are you interested in a larger version of the Ferris wheel? Please contact us to discuss your options.

Technical Specifications
Construction:Transportabel model/Park Model
Height:32,2 meters
Diameter:30 meters
Ground space:21 x 17 meters
Gondelas:24 x six person gondola
Capacity:1.150 persons per hour
Power:3 x 80 Ampère