RL33 reuzenrad, een 33 meter hoog reuzenrad met open of gesloten gondels

RL33 with open or closed gondolas

Lamberink Ferris wheels offers five different types of Ferris wheels, including the RL33 with open or closed gondolas, the RL22, RL43, RL46 and the Spokeless Wheel.

The RL33 is an imposing Ferris wheel that offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.
It is a versatile model and can be supplied as either a transportable or park model.

The unique design of the RL33 makes the Ferris wheel fully customizable to your specific requirements.
In addition, the Ferris wheel has a short assembly time, allowing it to be installed quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the Ferris wheel is ideal for theme parks, event venues, fairs and other recreational destinations.

Lamberink Ferris wheels has many years of experience and expertise in the field of Ferris wheel construction. The company is therefore the perfect partner for manufacturing Ferris wheels, whether you are interested in a larger model or have specific requirements. We are available to discuss your options.

The RL33 with open or closed gondolas is also a striking model and is guaranteed to attract the attention of visitors. The Ferris wheel has a height of 33 meters, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Therefore, it is a popular attraction for people of all ages.

In short, if you are looking for a spectacular attraction for your recreational destination, the RL33 with open or closed gondolas is an excellent choice. So contact Lamberink Ferris wheel construction to discuss your options and find out how we can help you build your Ferris wheel.

Technical Specifications
Construction:Transportable Model/Park Model
Height:32.2 meters
Diameter:30 meters
Ground size:21 x 17 meters, including cash register
Gondolas:24 x six-person gondola
Capacity:1,150 people per hour
Current:3 x 80 amps