Introducing the RL22

In our cutting-edge factory, we’re proud to unveil a broad spectrum of Ferris wheels. Notably, we present The RL22, RL33, RL43 , RL46 and
The Spokeless Wheel .

These marvels, with heights ranging from 22 to 46 meters, promise more than a ride. They deliver a panoramic spectacle, immersing visitors in the beauty of the surroundings.

Our Ferris wheels can be supplied as both transportable and park models.

A highlight of our range, the RL22, boasts a fully electric drive. This signifies our commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable experiences. Even more impressively, the RL22 is designed to be assembled on a single central wagon, ensuring that the entire setup can be transported in just one shipment.

Distinctive by Design

The RL22 stands out, and for good reason. Its unique design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about functionality. This translates into unmatched versatility, allowing for a plethora of customizations. So, whether you envision specific colors, designs, or features, the RL22 bends to your imagination. Moreover, its innovative design ensures quick assembly, making installations a breeze.

Tailored for You

Every venue, every event, has its unique demands. Perhaps you’re aiming for grandeur with larger Ferris wheel models. Or maybe you have distinct design elements in mind. Whatever your vision, we’re all ears. Reach out, and let’s explore the endless possibilities together.

In essence, with the RL22 and our range, we promise more than entertainment. We promise memories, innovation, and a partnership that understands and elevates your dreams, all while ensuring efficiency in transport and assembly.

Technical specifications
Construction:Transportable model / Park model
Height:22 meters
Diameter:20 meters
Ground size:17 x 11 meters
Capacity:64 people per cycle
Current:3 x 63 amps
Transportation:1 trailer
Dimensions RL22
Footprint RL22