RL46-Lamberink Ferris Wheel


Are you interested in acquiring a Ferris wheel? We are excited to discuss the options available to you.  We have manufactured various Ferris wheels for customers both within Europe and beyond, both as fixed installation and transportable models.  The model of a Ferris wheel can be adjusted to your wishes. No request is too outrageous for us. If it is technically possible, we will build it for you!

Unique design

Our unique design is the foundation of the Ferris wheel manufacture.  Our unique design allows the Ferris wheel to be assembled and dismantled very quickly. In addition, the design can be fully adjusted to specific desires with extra options such as decorations, logos on the platform, a box office and control cabin, additional lighting, or wheelchair accessible gondolas.  We also offer suitable transportation solutions.

We are a family company and always approach our business dealings with a flexible and personal touch. Our online helpdesk is available for you 24/7.  If you have any questions and/or issues, we will provide support as quickly as we can.

Safety and Quality

Safety and top quality are extremely important to us.  We comply with current safety requirements and work in close partnership with experts and official inspection agencies. Our Ferris wheels are manufactured according to NEN-EN 13814 and NEN-EN 1090 norms.