The RL46

We currently manufacture five types of Ferris wheels: The RL22, RL33, RL43, RL46 and the Spokeless Wheel.
The Ferris wheels have heights of 22, 33, 38, 43 or 46 meters, and provide visitors with spectacular views of the surroundings.

All of our Ferris wheels can be delivered as transportable models or for permanent installation.

The drive mechanism is fully electric.

RL46 Ferris Wheel: Specific Wishes

Do you have specific wishes, or are you interested in a larger version of the Ferris wheel? Please contact us to discuss your options.

Construction:Transportable model / Permanent installation model
Height:46 meters
Diameter:42 meters
Ground space:24 x 17 meters, cash desk included
Gondolas:36 x six person gondolas
Capacity:1.800 persons per hour
Power:3 x 80 Ampère

RL46: where are the RL46 Ferris Wheels found?

Engeland, Worthing “Worthing Observation Wheel”:

The Ferris wheel was built in the Netherlands by Ferris wheel specialist Lamberink. The WOW was shipped to Dover with eight semi-trailer trucks. Lamberink Ferris wheels are built according to the European and British standard EN13814. The WOW is a beautiful, elegant structure. It is completely white with 36 white gondolas. The gondolas are fitted with clear glass and are completely enclosed. Only white lights are used on the wheel and they are not flashing. In the evening, when the wheel is partially illuminated, the illuminance level horizontally or vertically up to the promenade is set at less than 10 lux. For example, a street lamp used for an area populated by cyclists and / or pedestrians (such as Worthing’s promenade) can range from 12 to 7.5 lux.


V.S.: “Sky Eye Wheel”:

North America’s largest traveling Ferris wheel – promoted as the ‘ride of a lifetime’ – will be on display at the South Florida Fair for the first time this year. Co-owned by Frank Zaitshik of Wade Shows, and Michael Wood of Wood Entertainment, the Midway Sky Eye will arrive at the fair on Saturday, January 6 and set up on Sunday, January 6. 7. The installation is expected to take three days.

This huge Ferris wheel reaches a peak height of 155 feet and consists of more than 500 parts. The Ferris Wheel is equipped with more than 524,000 individual red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple LED lights, making it the brightest spectacle on the fair.
The 36 gondolas each accommodate six visitors, who can see for miles from the top.