On Friday 15th July, at a beautiful location at the Waalkade in Nijmegen, the SkyWheel was official opened. The red/white masts from the SkyWheel contrasts beautifully at the blue sky. Also, the whole Lamberink family was dressed in the red/white colors and welcomed the 100 guests.
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We want to congratulate Powers Great American Midways with their brand new RL33 Ferris Wheel from Lamberink. Last week, Jan Lamberink travelled to America to help with the installation of the RL33. Therefore, we want to congratulate PGAM with their new Ferris Wheel and wish them many good years.

The production of the SkyWheel is officially finished! Last week, with placing the lights, the last step was completed in the manufacturing process. The lighting, in combination with the red/white masts, gives a great effect in the dark. We can’t wait to take the Ferris Wheel in use!