Rent a Lamberink Ferris Wheel
Flexible Ferris Wheel rental You can rent a Ferris Wheel for one day or several days

Rent a ferris wheel from Lamberink

In addition to the manufacture and overhaul of Ferris Wheels, Lamberink is also specialized
in the rental of Ferris Wheels for events, festivals or promotional purposes, for example.
Lamberink has 2 giant councils of 33 meters high for rent.

The Ferris Wheels are outfitted with the latest technologies and are  real attention-grabbers with their unique lighting features. Not only the wheels themselves, but also the gondolas are illuminated.

The Ferris wheel consists of a total of 24 six person gondolas, and 1150 people per hour can ride the Ferris wheel. The drive mechanism is fully electric. Click here for pictures of the RL33.

Safety (ISO 9001)           TÜV SÜD

The Ferris Wheels fully conform to every safety requirement and certification. The Ferris wheels are tested every year and complies with safety regulations determined in the Commodities Act for Attractions and Playground Equipment. In assembling the Ferris wheel, every step is verified twice.  Our professional team has also been trained to react effectively in response to any calamity.

Lamberink has been in possession of ISO 9001 certification since 2011.  This is the norm which determines requirements for the quality management systems at an organization, and the manner in which that organization implements quality policies. To date, Lamberink is the first and only Ferris wheel rental company that is ISO 9001 certified.

ISO9001 + VCA