Rent a Lamberink Ferris Wheel
Flexible Ferris Wheel rental You can rent a Ferris Wheel for one day or several days

Rent a Ferris wheel from Lamberink

If you want to rent a Ferris wheel from Lamberink, we have two Ferris wheels for hire.
Our Ferris wheels are equipped with the latest technologies and are approved by TÜV SÜD.
The unique LED lighting makes them real crowd pleasers. Not only the wheel itself, but also the gondolas are illuminated.

In total, the Ferris wheel contains 24 six-person gondolas and 1,150 people per hour can take place in the Ferris wheel.
The drive is fully electric.
Click here for pictures of the Ferris Wheels.

Safety (VCA) and quality (ISO9001:2015)

Our Ferris wheels meet all safety requirements and certifications.
The Ferris wheels are inspected annually and meet the manufacturing regulations stated in the Commodities Act Decree on Attractions and Playground Equipment.
When building the Ferris wheel, everything is double checked.

In addition, our professional team is trained to respond adequately to any calamities and Lamberink has been VCA certified since 2018.
In addition to this certification, there was already the ISO: 9001 certification in 2011. This is a standard that sets requirements for the quality management system of an organization and the way in which the organization handles the quality policy.
Lamberink is as yet the first and only Ferris wheel rental company that is ISO: 9001 certified.