Leiden Culinair

‘For the 30th edition of Leiden Culinair, we wanted to surprise the visitors and sponsors with the opportunity to dine or drink in the Ferris Wheel. It was quite a challenge both for our management as for the Lamberink family. We truly appreciate the thinking along, flexibility and reliability from Lamberink. To serve the dishes and drinks, the tables were custom made. The collaboration for the grand opening was also very nice. The management, mayor and alderman came to the stage on a bike for starting the Ferris Wheel. The mayor was the first person to enter the Ferris Wheel, which result in a nice view. To realize the event, a lot of e-mails were sent and we discussed everything in detail. Without the thinking along of the Lamberink family, we were never been able to let hundreds of people enjoy dining and/or drinking in the Ferris Wheel, with an exceptional view over the city Leiden.

A lot of great pictures and messages were placed on social media from the Culinair event and the 30th edition of Leiden Culinair will be remembered as a mega successful one’.