Official opening SkyWheel in Nijmegen

On Friday 15th July, at a beautiful location at the Waalkade in Nijmegen, the SkyWheel was official opened. The red/white masts from the SkyWheel contrasts beautifully at the blue sky. Also, the whole Lamberink family was dressed in the red/white colors and welcomed the 100 guests.

Speaker Atze J. Lubach opened the evening by talking with the Lamberink family. After an acrobat act in the Ferris Wheel from Sylvia Idelberger and the blessing from Aalmoezenier Welzenes, the Ferris Wheel was official opened by Sebastiaan Lamberink! With loud applause, the SkyWheel has spinned its first rounds.

We want to thank everybody for attending the opening and we look back at a great evening!