Mois : mai 2018

This year we’ve put together a highly experienced team featuring some of our best people, the ISMT or Instruction, Safety and Mounting Team. This permanent team will be deployed anywhere in the world when a Ferris wheel is delivered to a client. The team have been trained to provide instructions on the assembly and dismantling of our Ferris wheels as well as the safety and maintenance aspects. The team have now completed their first assignment, successfully delivering an RL46 to Bill Prescott of South Carolina.

We had a great time at the first festival of the year, Kingsland in Groningen. This is the third time this fantastic festival has been held in the Stadspark in Groningen, an outstanding venue for an event like this. The Ferris wheel proved its value as an eyecatcher and was well received by the festival-goers. The weather could have been warmer but luckily it stayed dry until the end. All in all a successful festival. Now on to the next one!!