We proudly present: the first manufactured RL46!

We are very proud to present to you our first manufactured Lamberink 46 meter Ferris Wheel. The RL46 is North America’s Largest Portable Ferris Wheel. With a ribbon cutting ceremony, the Ferris Wheel was officially opened at the Florida State Fair.

Click here to see pictures of the RL46.

The RL46 is a 46 meter (155 feet) transportable Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel contains of 36 gondolas and is equipped with LED lighting on both sides of the spokes. The gondolas in this Ferris Wheel have 6 different colors and are designed with a mesh. By doing this, safety is guaranteed and the wind can still go through the gondola, so no air conditioning is needed. We can manufacture any type of gondola you like. At this moment we have manufactured 3 different types of gondolas. Check our media page to see which types of gondolas we have available.

We wish the owners Mr. Wood and Mr. Zaitshik many good years with the Ferris Wheel!