Customized RL33 from Schausteller Hofmann-Jehn

The Customized RL33 from Showman Hofmann-Jehn
is ready and is now going to Germany.

It has become a magnificent 33-meter Ferris wheel
with 24 open gondolas.
The modified floor is made from Lunawood composite.
The fences are specially designed and display the Ferris wheel
a luxurious look, as well as the customized canopy in the form of 3 arches
with LED lighting above the entrance.
Our Ferris wheels can be painted in any desired RAL color.
A chic brown color has been chosen for this Ferris wheel.

The customized back wall, ticket booth and control room are stickered by „Studio Alex Pijl“.

The custom cash register is made
by „JHW Designs“ and is equipped with electrically operated shutters, and air conditioning.
The drawers are fitted with programmable locks.

The music system comes from „Hofman Sound Systems“.